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I decided to reach out to Linda for coaching because I was simply stuck in my career.   I had met Linda years prior when she did a reading for me on my Akashic Record.  I continued to receive emails from her and decided that it was time in 2015 to get off the couch and get to work.  WOW!

We worked on my current position as an administrative in a academic medical center and the fact that I focused on “Looking Good”.  This concept of looking good and all of the behaviors that accompanied it were not in any way helping me create an authentic Marcia. Of course as we worked together there were personal issues that we also focused on and which needed to be addressed.

I received so much more than I thought was possible! Linda really gave significant homework and at times it was the last thing that I wanted to do.   She was at attentive, supportive and directive when needed.   Given that I’m an alpha, she knew when to step in and call my bluff. I started to change the way that I behaved at work and at home.  I no longer was interested in “looking good” and trying to impress anyone.   It didn’t change anything and I realized I am much more effective being me. It was noticeable at work given my changes.  I was no longer pandering to anyone for a promotion.  I was done with all of that. Two years later I was recruited to be a Vice President at Vanderbilt Hospital. Who says you can’t have what you want?? Not me and not Linda! – Marcia C

Sound like you?

Are you wrestling with the ‘IT’ dilemma?

Don’t know what ‘IT’ is that is messing with your thinking, feeling, doing?

Have you “done it all” but wonder WHAT’S NEXT?

Do you find yourself SETTLING way too often?

Knowing STRESS And OVERWHELM all too intimately?

Do you feel DEPRESSED more often lately?

If you said YES to any of the above questions, you are in the RIGHT PLACE.

It’s Time For New Choices

I hope you agree it’s time to make a few NEW CONSCIOUS CHOICES to make to RENEW YOUR SPIRIT and RELAUNCHING YOUR DREAMS -right now!

Hi I’m Linda Berger an Empowerment and Transformation Expert. I design and facilitate my proprietary empowerment methods for High Performing Women and Change Makers to quickly create significant desired changes in their lives, careers and businesses. They learn to leverage their talents, strengths and values to make a difference in their life and the world.

So often women don’t know what they REALLY WANT because no one has ever asked us. I coach women just like you to take a step back and CONSCIOUSLY CREATE A PLAN that is authentic to your needs emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally.

Too often we let our needs slip through the cracks to take care of others. This is YOUR TIME and it truly is ALL ABOUT YOU!

Not Feeling Quite Like Yourself?

-Kids launched

-Too many changes too fast gone

-Changing careers or Consistently getting passed over for promotions

-The BIG ONE -your marriage has ended

Intimacy with your significant other is null and void

-Playing way too small in your life and career

I have been there… done that!

Is it time to say “I NEED HELP!”?

DURING LIFE’S CHANGES we feel lonely, confused, and LOST.

My Proprietary Empowerment Methods are innovative and revolutionary to specifically Get to the ROOT of the PROBLEM that keep you in the same old cycle.

Ever heard of Self-Sabotage?

Well I go beyond it -Way Beyond It!

Just ask my clients.

They have told me: “They have never experienced the depth of transformations with any other coaches or mentors.”
My clients have:

• Achieved clarity around what they truly want
• Crafted a plan of action to make powerful change
• Connected to and expressed their authentic voice
• Left toxic careers for their dream position
• Started their own businesses
• Achieved robust health, energy, balanced hormones & healthy weight
• Manifested a conscious and rewarding ideal relationship
• Overcome estrangement with children, exes, and other family
• Deepened their daily connection to spirituality and trust
• Created a life with meaning & purpose that is aligned with their legacy.

“Thank you for supporting me with your amazing coaching program. I have made so many leaps it’s hard to name them all. Thank you for holding a clear vision of my business growth and me. You were always there with logical and strategic support plus loving, heartfelt emotional support. You picked me up when I was frustrated. You guided me when I wasn’t sure where to make my next step. In a short time, my business has grown 5 fold with your help in consciously transitioning into supporting the growth I wanted but wasn’t sure how to navigate. Your help in celebrating my success has been paramount in owning my abilities and taking steps quickly and with ease. Thank you again for being the amazing YOU that you are. “- Lisa B.

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Don’t go it alone any longer.

Why would you when help is available?

If you are ready to stop “going it alone” and wondering which road to take during this pivotal transition…Take my hand and let me help you.

I’ll show you the way back to an authentic and abundant you as you let go of surviving and embrace your legacy to thrive.

All you have to do is reach out here.

Enjoy the journey,
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