Akashic Record Consultations






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  • Looking for clarity?
  • Seeking answers about your life purpose? 
  • Health issues?
  • Having relationship problems?
  • Not ready for Private 1:1 Coaching?


“My Akashic Record Consultation brought clarity to my path as one of clearing karma and healing damage. I learned I’ve been contracted to heal. I was given clear direction on unraveling the tentacles that have been shrouding me from moving forward and concealing my purpose. I’m continuing to visualize the removal of those tentacles. The information about the why behind my thoughts and actions and being able to connect the dots between my past and present, it was as if the clouds parted helping me understand my motivation, fears, and giving me a clear message of what to do next. My message was drilled down so I could find the uniqueness of me that can help others. I also, learned how to become self-aware and to stop for a second to ask myself, what’s really going on? Linda was a professional. Her demeanor is calm, clear, caring, and patient. She provides guidance if you’re uncertain, and she makes the message very easy to understand. I highly recommend her work in the Akashic Records.” Mindy S.

As an International Akashic Records Teacher and Certified Consultant for over 20 years, I am an expert in Akashic Record guidance. A consultation can offer you healing and clarity to ensure living a life filled with purpose and joy.

Your soul incarnated with a life plan. Accessing the Akashic Records at critical times in our lives it becomes very useful to access information about that plan. We come to complete some Karma, fulfill our past life Vows or to be with someone special and to support people who are part of our soul family. The human challenge is that as soon as we’re born we forget this plan. At times in our life we feel blocked or constricted or disappointed in our life because we don’t remember why we chose our families or situations. We may feel life is unfair or very difficult. I access the Akashic Records to help you learn information about these situations and to heal and clear the emotional pain. You can ask questions in relation to: health, career, relationships, life purpose, self-esteem and abundance.

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I’ve seen my clients change in a profound way often, after a single consultation.

“Linda Berger, my dear friend and fellow Akashic Record teacher. Thank you for being able to see this work from the place of the student. You have made this information clear and understandable for all the readers to come. Your support and love, everyday in so many ways, have opened a floodgate in my heart. I couldn’t have completed this without you.” – Lisa Barnett Author  –The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records

Our work together may help you experience:

  • A huge shift that takes the stress out of your mind and body28_self_aware_meme
  • A clear & powerful picture of what is possible
  • Deep insight that resonates with you
  • Validation about your intuitive insights and your soul’s path
  • Profound solutions for difficult situations
  • Healing of past wounds
  • Past life information that clears blocks & fears



To create any change in our lives, we need to take affirmative action in the direction of the change we desire.

Booking an Akashic Record consultation is a powerful start to living the life you know deep down, you want to life with clarity and the love you deserve.

Important Information about scheduling your appointment, please read carefully:

After you purchase the desired session you will receive a confirming email with:

  • Link to my Time Trade Calendar for you to pick a date and time convenient for you. Note: the Time Trade Calendar will appear in your Time Zone so there is no need to convert times.
  • Information about your Akashic Record session.
  • The phone number to call with access code.
  • Suggestions on ‘how’ to structure your questions. You WILL need to ask questions. The Beings of Light wish to serve you by working on your specific issues and questions.
  • A consent form to fill-out and return to me before our appointment.

In a 60-minutes consultation, we can cover approximately 4-8 questions, depending on the depth and healing you desire. The thirty-five minutes session allows for 2-4 questions.

The work we do together with the help of the Beings of Light heals you at a very deep heart level. You WILL feel their unconditional love and reverence for your journey. All you have to do is allow their love in.

Single Consultation

30 minutes: $135.00


60 minutes: $250.00


Not yet sure you’re ready for 1:1 Private Coaching, and 1 consultation will not cover the spiritual growth you are seeking?  I suggest investing in a package of 4 – 60-minute consultations.

Looking to:

  • Transform your life?
  • Having more issues than 75 minutes cover?
  • Are you ready to make the next big step in your life?

Consultation Package

4 – 60 Min. sessions: $899. SAVE $$$