Empowerment Coaching

It’s YOUR TIME to strive for your potential, relaunch your life to claim your greatest values and priorities.

Say NO MORE to settling!

Sometimes your mind needs more time to

accept what your heart already knows.

Trust in your heart’s wisdom to know why you found yourself here (on my website). Next steps always show up, when YOU ARE READY.

Private Coaching

How would you feel receiving support wholly encompassing your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual transitions to ensure a smooth landing into your loving heart?

Imagine trusting one person who will create a safe environment:

  • For you to move through your life’s transitions;
  • Guide you to make desired and positive changes;
  • And most importantly…landing gracefully on your feet LOOKING FABULOUS.


Private coaching will help you just like my clients report. Here’s proof I know what works and what is just a waste of your time. My clients have:

• Reclaimed their needs and desires to make life affirming choices to reduce stress, burnout, and drama

• Renewed and attracted harmonious relationship or moved gracefully out of one

• Made life-enhancing changes in creating a healthier body, mind, and spirit achieving greater energy and vitality

• Left toxic work and living environments

• Started a dream business

• Focused with new clarity on their ideal life and authentic lifestyle

• Identified their life purpose with steps to successfully launch its mission

• Learned they could truly live in their heart while juggling a full and busy life

• Learned to let go of control of others to refocus on their own needs

• Changed their perspective about loneliness, letting go, and moving on

• Made empowered career changes based on their definition of fulfillment and success

• And so many more positive transitions during their 40’s, 50’s (and even beyond).

I’m most passionate about my clients reaching their fullest potential. There is nothing I love more than to guide women, who come to the realization that their presence in the lives of others is monumental to the creation of a more loving and impactful world.

I have the privilege to witness their transformation in rediscovering ‘who they are’, and ‘why they are where they are’. You too will learn that as you move into living more authentically and abundantly, vast changes will happen for all those around you, as well as for yourself. This is my high level of commitment given to each one of my clients.

My Private Coaching is a comprehensive transformational experience that fuses together a variety of techniques and modalities offering you positive change where it is most needed. Without a doubt, lasting change must be congruent cognitively, emotionally, physically, and include the spiritual aspects of your soul and your energetic heart.

Our work together will be drawn from a combination of: Individual Coaching Sessions, Special-Topic Intensives, VIP day(s), Assessments, Workshops, Additional Worksheets, Templates, Resources, An Accountability Journal, Email / Phone / Skype access, and so much more because Private Coaching is tailored made for your needs.

Private Coaching affords you the opportunity for individual and intense focus on your needs in a safe and supportive environment. I reflect the truth of who you are and what you deserve, holding your vision for your most empowered life, and guiding you through the steps and follow-through to make this vision a magical reality.

Now it’s your turn. Trust me, I know exactly what you are going through. And I can say from experience, it is a difficult journey to go it alone. I have been through more transitions in my life than most people go through during their 40’s and 50’s, so I know how to take you from where you are to where you want to be in the shortest amount of time. And, you can still LOOK GOOD going through your changes. Intrigued by what Private Coaching can do for you? Contact me and let’s find out together.