It’s Time -Unleash Your Inner Warrior

Still reeling from the shock of Tuesday’s election, I have to admit as a woman I wonder how our rights will be affected most especially for my granddaughters. Will their rights to make choices about their own bodies be dictating by others? Will they be treated equally in their chosen profession? Will they be treated equally, period?   I am so clear now why I have been guided in September to start the Heart & Soul Warrior program for females. When I began teaching the courses, I felt like I was home. My purpose was handed to me. All of my experiences, paths and tools were brought together so effortlessly. Starting with Productivity Warrior challenges may not seem like anything more than just creating more in the world, but that thought process completely misses the point. To be productive one must be disciplined, focused, mission and vision driven, compassionate, loving … Continue reading

Investing in Your Fears.

I’m so excited about the coming season of Fall. I love how our world shows its brilliance with bright reds, oranges and yellows. Nature always amazes me because it is the perfect example of Being. No fears, doubts, or ill-will on itself or another. It just does what mother nature meant it to -Do, Be and Have.   How about your brilliance and radiate colors? How are your -Doing, Being and Having at this time? This time of the year, we dig in and revisit our lives in a whole new way as Summer is winding down and the New Year will soon be upon us. In my coaching business I see many start to feel panic, as they fear not making their personal and business goals by the end of the year. You can say this time of the year brings up a lot of fears.   And so, … Continue reading


We all experience negative self-talk. We tell ourselves we’re not good enough, smart enough, or thin enough. We don’t make enough money, we don’t have the right house, the right car, or the right clothes, and even if we did, we wouldn’t look as good in them as the Joneses do. None of this is helpful. In fact, it’s down right destructive. When we talk down to ourselves, it doesn’t help us reach our full potential. It just makes us feel bad about ourselves, and when that happens, we’re less likely to be productive and do the things that make us feel good. In our modern society, the media is constantly bombarding us with images of perfection, but they are NOT REAL. They’re staged and filtered and digitally altered to leave out the flaws. Nevertheless, we find ourselves constantly comparing ourselves to the supermodels in the magazines and the perfect … Continue reading

How to Listen to Your Intuition

When making a decision, we’ll usually encounter an option that “feels right” even if it’s not necessarily the logical decision. Often we can’t even articulate how or why that particular decision feels right, we just know it’s what we want. There are many names for this: gut feeling, hunch, intuition. Whichever label we use, they all mean something deep inside us, at the very core of who we are, is urging us to take a particular course. But when logic tells us to do something different, it’s easy to feel torn. How do we know which side to listen to? Our heads are very good at coming up with all sorts of excuses for us to take the rational approach. When we’re confronted with facts and figures, how can we justify doing something that goes against all that? The answer is that sometimes we just need to do what’s best … Continue reading

How to Foster Meaningful Connections & Why We Should Bother

Humans are social creatures. We evolved as tribes and maintaining strong ties to the tribe was a necessary survival skill. Estrangement from the people around us today may not post the same immediate risk to our safety, but it’s still a vital part of our mental and physical health. Longer, Happier Lives Studies have shown that those with strong ties to their family and friends tend to live longer, but it’s not just about the number of years. The quality of their lives is also much higher than those with few social connections. Physical and Emotional Support Fostering and maintaining connections has numerous benefits and the most obvious is probably support. When times get tough, it’s invaluable for us to know that our friends and family have our back. In turn, we can support them when they’re down, which strengthens our bond with them and makes us feel needed and … Continue reading

When to Listen to Your Heart & Not Your Head

We live in a culture that prizes the rational above all else. Everyone has been warned away from making a “rash” decision at one time or another. People tell us we need to think things through, especially when it comes to making the big decisions in our lives, but is that really true? According to a recent study conducted at the University of Otago in New Zealand, you might be better off making decisions with your heart. The study asked two groups of participants to rate sports or predict the outcome of a game. Those who did so quickly, using only their intuition, did so with significantly better accuracy than those who were asked to use guidelines and statistics. The same can be said of almost all aspects of our life. Although we may be tempted to make the rational decision and go with the “safe” choice, is it really … Continue reading

Honoring OUR Journey…Dear Self, I am so sorry…

Welcome to part 2 of 3 series of writing your story or at least honoring your journey by jotting down a few words and statements. I interviewed Michele Weldon, an author of many books including numerous other accomplishments, to empower us with handy tips for us to put pen to paper honoring our journeys. Michele suggests: “You need to get it out of your body and down on paper. What I like to tell students at my workshops as well as journalism students seeking advise in how to write first person narratives, is it doesn’t do you any good to have ideas and thoughts bombarding your brain. You need to get your thoughts out in whatever form is necessary. At first, it may be an outline, write down key phrases and words, and memories or dialog.” I’ve decided to honor my own journey to start the process for all of … Continue reading

Finding Time to Write Your Story –Part 1 of 3

“Writing is like talking on paper. If you are not afraid to speak, you shouldn’t be afraid to write because writing is just another form of speaking.” Michele Weldon When was the last time you told a story about your life? Who was your audience? How did you highlight the life defining moments? As promised I interviewed my good friend Michele Weldon to offer you a variety of tips to pen your story. Michele mentioned that if we remember, “Writing is like talking on paper. If you are not afraid to speak, you shouldn’t be afraid to write because writing is just another form of speaking.” Anyone of you afraid to speak? We are women…I doubt it! She suggested using a recording device to help the process. You are still talking although without an audience. Writing your story has begun. Michele Weldon:“It is really important to consider the sanctity of … Continue reading

Empowering Women Share Their Stories

“There is no greater agony then bearing an untold story inside you.” –Maya Angelou. Have you ever thought of writing the story of your over 40 trials and tribulations? Why do I ask? Because over the next three weeks I challenge you to pick up a writing instrument of your choice to write your story. Each week I will post another tip to help you pen your story. As Maya Angelou suggests, our stories need telling, especially for women in transition. To support you, I’ve asked my dear friend Michele Weldon to share some of her professional tips. Michele’s experience with her pen is well acclaimed as an award-winning journalist for over 35 years and an author of numerous nonfiction books, to name just a couple of her many accomplishments. She is dedicated to empowering women like yourself to develop their voices in creating authentic stories. Michele will offer ideas … Continue reading

This is What the NEW Midlife Looks Like –YOU!

Everywhere I turn something is being redefined. Our lives. Our purpose. Our identity. Our relationships. Our careers. It’s as though ‘redefining’ is the new ‘IT’ word, as self help authors are ready to give us the ‘5 Top Steps’ or 10 Ways to Redefining our lives, being authentic and finding our life purpose. There are also series of books highlighting defining steps just for men and those just for women. Even so, with all the redefining going on in the world, there is one area I haven’t seen much written –the midlife years women go through. You know those years when more often than not many transitions ensue –divorce, career changes, income changes, pregnancy, kids leaving for college, and on and on. Through experiencing my own midlife transitions with millions of other women, I define midlife as a time in our lives when a stirring begins to rise out of … Continue reading