wisdom_cards_sales_layout-2Linda Berger’s -Daily Words of Wisdom Cards – Deck of 30

Offering you a theme to empower daily choices with clarity to focus on what’s really important rather than life’s dramas.

  • The flower photographs were each taken on my many travels.
  • These beautiful cards each have it’s own flower, word for the day and quote.
  • They are business card size making them easy to carry in your purse.
  • They also make for a meaningful and special gifts.

How Daily Words of Wisdom Cards Work:

There are many ways to use them, although my favorite is to ensure you have a day filled with clarity and the power to make new choices, pick a card randomly (no peeking) in the morning before you start your day. Keep the card visible to remind you of the word or quote.

I believe our subconscious or unconscious guides us to pick the card as a heads-up on how our day can unfold. The cards give you a peek into the potential high moments or pitfalls of the day, so we are more self-aware to take notice of them to either bask in them or make new choices.

Price: 24.95 -Includes FREE shipping.

Just a few comments about Linda Berger’s -Daily Words of Wisdom Cards:

Pam E.: “I’m pulling out a card each day and keeping a journal. Each day and card has been relevant. I’ll read the whole deck at the end of May. This is the month of me.”

Sharon D.: “Yesterday, Linda introduced me to her Words of Wisdom cards. It works. I pulled laughter and was wondering how the heck was I going to work laughter into my day when I was faced with the serious tasks of getting a hospital to cease stalking me for an unpaid bill that was paid twice by my insurance company and returned to my insurance company. The laughter card came into play somehow. I’m not usually a patient person, but I remembered the card in my approach to the appropriate hospital staff. Low and behold, I was much more effective in communicating with them, solved the problem, and went on my way. To me this was a laughable moment, since it would have gone quite differently had I not had the card to remind me that my goal was to try and find laughter that day. Mission accomplished.”


Heart Meditation by Linda Bergerheart-meditation-mp3-player-art-vertical-2

Opening and expanding your heart energy –You will feel the expansion energetically and physically —You feel connected to all of life in a loving and joyful way—listen to it daily to relax and energetically fill your home with love. This heart meditation does not guarantee you will open to the loving feelings it offers, although it does create the opportunity for you to allow yourself to become vulnerable to the deep love held within your heart. Use it daily to help you stay centered and connected to your heart’s wisdom and love. You will also feel the intuitive connection to all of life.

This meditation will help you to:

  • Relax and center yourself –Quickly
  • Send love out into your surrounding neighborhood and world.

After this meditation you will:

  • Feel peaceful and loved
  • Feel connected to all of life

Details: 15 minutes in length mp3

Price: Only $15.00

Comments: Linda, this is beautiful. MC