“Linda Berger, my dear friend and fellow Akashic Record teacher. Thank you for being able to see this work from the place of the student. You have made this information comprehendible and clear for all the readers to come. Your support and love, everyday in so many ways, have opened a floodgate in my heart. I couldn’t have completed this without you.” – Lisa Barnett (from the acknowledgements page of The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records.)

“Working with Linda Berger has been such a blessing. For years I was stuck trying to rediscover my career path. She has been patient, compassionate and supportive. She helped me discover what makes me tick and helped me set up a plan to achieve my goals. She is a great listener and with her support I have been able to have more faith in myself and to listen to the quiet voices of the universe. Linda has helped me clearly identify the negative voices in my life that kept me from moving forward on my dreams.” -Julia I.

“Thank you for supporting me with your amazing coaching program. I have made so many leaps it’s hard to name them all. Thank you for holding a clear vision of my business growth and me. You were always there with logical and strategic support plus loving, heartfelt emotional support. You picked me up when I was frustrated. You guided me when I wasn’t sure where to make my next step. In a short time, my business has grown 3 fold with your help in consciously transitioning into supporting the growth I wanted but wasn’t sure how to navigate. Your help in celebrating my success has been paramount in owning my abilities and taking steps quickly and with ease. Thank you again for being the amazing YOU that you are. ” – Lisa B.

“Working with Linda was an absolute pleasure. She’s direct, insightful, and kind. She skillfully guided me through challenges that I was experiencing keeping me from moving forward in my life and life purpose. There was a definite shift in my life by the end of my time with Linda. I found myself more aware of the impact my conscious and unconscious choices have on my relationships with the people in my life, my commitments at work, and my commitments to myself. Needless to say, I started making different choices using tools Linda taught me to support myself.” – Emily

“Thank you for all of your direction. I’ve really enjoyed working with you and am much better off for it. You have inspired me not to give up and reminded me that investing in myself is the best shortcut to achieving my life’s dreams and goals.” – Shirley

“Thank you for your patience, love, and understanding. It’s a breakthrough for me and even with the baby steps, I’m enjoying my journey and discovering every step of the way.”- Diana

“You are awesome. I want to be you when I grow up. Thank you for all you do and give.” – Lee Anne

“Linda has helped me get past mental and emotional obstacles leading me to major breakthroughs that I know would not have been possible without the help of a dynamic and focused coach. She pushed me enough to get me to finally get out of my own way. Linda uses the perfect combination of encouragement, focus, and strategic planning which moved my life forward in areas I only dreamed possible.”- Mary J.

“If you are feeling blocked in any way or just curious about where you are headed, I strongly recommend working with Linda Berger. Linda was able to provide insights and strategies for me to see my way through circumstances and to clear out the outdated energy so that I could move past it. Literally, within days of our call, I made more progress on a stalled project than in the month prior. Linda is excellent in guiding clients in how to frame their questions in a way that deepens insights. Linda is gifted and offers great insight and value. I’d suggest you book you strategy session or sign up for a workshop without delay.” – Ann P.