Ladies, Are you entering the after 40 TWEEN STAGE?


I can remember my 12 years old son’s frustration during his tween years. Whenever we would shop for school clothes we would go from clothing store to clothing store searching for something semi-fashionable. Yet, we would only to be left tired and unsuccessful. All the clothes we would find were either too large or too small. I can still hear his exacerbated words, “I’m in between. I’m a tween and no one makes clothes for me. This is so unfair!” Fortunately for my son, as he got a little older, his body matured opening up a plethora of clothing choices.

Why do I bring this up now?

Because with age, I’ve noticed that yet again the tween stage has managed to find its way back into my life. My body has taken on a mind all its own. Each year my jean size seems to go up just a notch and every year I’m shopping for new clothes most especially jeans. Now, I don’t need multiple pairs. I just want one nice fitting pair.

Midlife weight gain

Is that too much to ask? All the jeans I try on lately are either too tight or too baggy. My midlife thickening has taken up residence in areas I never knew fat could accumulate.

As I look in the mirror confused at what I see, I ask myself, how could this have happened to the too skinny girl who had to drink weight-on to gain a few pounds? When I was a tween, my only problem was that my height didn’t match my skinny frame. In the last few years I haven’t even had the luxury of wearing out my jeans because each year I find that my body has changed a little bit more.

This year I am choosing to approach this graceful midlife transition with a new attitude. I am finally giving into the reality that I own clothes that are no longer a possibility due to my midlife curvaceous figure. I am even going to go as far as donating all of the too tight jeans and clothing. Then when I look at the open space in my closet and I ask myself, “What am I going to wear?” I am going to think to myself, “The clothes that fit!”

I have decided to accept this as another graceful midlife transition. I am going to embrace my new look in a midlife women’s body and you should too! Of course, that doesn’t mean that we should stop working out or eating healthy. What it does mean is that it is time to start another chapter in our lives! Let’s stop living with the “I shoulds” and start living the “Hell Yeses.”

Join me in living a “HELL YES” life!

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