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I help Business Owners and Real Estate Professionals:

  • Feel empowered and confident in scaling their business.

  • Build  predicable and sustainable businesses in any market.

  • Lead with their big magnificent Heart and Soul.

  • Create results driven business strategies.

  • Leverage their time, staff and energy.


Why do I do what I do? In my own business's growth phase:

  • I experienced feeling isolated.

  • Ran out of money... and went into Panic!!

  • Made costly mistakes w/o guidance and strategies.

  • Was a lone wolf.

  • Lack of community with other successful business owners.

  • Limited insights and support different from my own industry. 

  • Accountability for stronger goals and benchmarks.

AND -After running a successful real estate practice for over 20 years, sales just wasn't lighting my fire. (Ever feel that way?)


I saw an opportunity to turn my knowledge, blood, sweat and tears into helping business owners and real estate professionals build scalable businesses. So I stepped up! And the rest is as I say: Bullet points!

You are Extraordinary! Are you living it? Let me help you. We will do it together.  



Master Mind & Challenges

  1. How to prepare and create big growth in your business?

  2. What steps are priority?

  3. Who are and are not your clients?

  4. When to hire and how to do it correctly?

  5. Where change needs to happen and how?

  6. WHY mindset is #1? 

Don't waste any more time, money or your precious energy.


Your coaching plan is as unique as your business.

First step: Send me an email HERE to connect.

You have questions... Your soul's Akashic Record has answers! Ever wonder -How much your past lives affect your current life and the relationships you find yourself involved in? If karma is linked to patterns of behavior? Why did you marry or get divorced? What lessons are you here to learn?


As an International Akashic Records Teacher and Certified Consultant for over 20 years, I am an expert in Akashic Record guidance. Your Soul has so much information, teachings, wisdom, and step by step guidance for you to lead a life of success, love and service. Investing in a 1 hour consultation can offer you more clarity and healing leading to joy and stagnated energy released, quickly. Your heart recognizes its own truths.


Think about questions you have been asking without receiving resolution. An Akashic Record consultation will connect the dots and give you clarity like you've never had before in your relationships, business, and self.

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If you are ready to align your business(es) with your heart's voice and soul's mission to ensure your work makes the world a better place to live for all, join us on October 10, 2018 as we dive deep into manifesting on a whole new level to take our business global by affecting more people than we ever dreamed possible.

Be part of a unique small group of business owners (only 10), who have been feeling the pull to make a more powerful impact to change the world, the planet and humanity.


Your Divinity speaks quietly yet unrelenting in its message when it's time to STEP UP to answer the call.


We are currently taking applications.

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Business Women Warriors 90 day Challenge

Why choose this Quick Start Track?

  • You are looking to jump start a project

  • You are looking to finally finish a project

  • Need accountability

  • Leverage your valuable time in building a solid foundation to scale your business to serve more clients.

  • Gain more business confidence with easy to implement tools.

  • Establish greater focus, discipline and courage to follow your mission and vision to make the world a better place with your own special expertise.

  • Blast unproductive hidden fears still driving your choices.

  • Finding the Right Goal to work on for 90 days and what are you harming by not achieving it.

  • Laugh and connect with community of warriors

  • Learn proprietary innovative, powerful shortcuts.

  • Discover and free up more time to have fun

  • Unleash your Manifesting Mojo.

  • How to take the right risks.

Jen Mitchell

After 10 years in my practice, I finally am very clear on who I am, what my niche is, and how I will make my mark. All I can say is these courses are AWESOME!

Linda is truly gifted in her craft. Working with Linda over the course of a year has not only completely changed my business, but my life. I see things much differently and feel significantly stronger as a woman business owner. I am a WARRIOR!!! The skills and tools provided by Linda are invaluable and really help to put the pieces together to help you reach your business goals. I am extremely grateful to Linda for all of the energy she put forth throughout the process. She is amazing!!! SolaceDivorce.com

Marcia Colone

I decided to reach out to Linda for coaching because I was simply stuck in my career. I had met Linda years prior when she did a reading for me on my Akashic Record.  I continued to receive emails from her and decided that it was time in 2015 to get off the couch and get to work.  WOW! She was at attentive, supportive and directive when needed.   Given that I’m an alpha, she knew when to step in and call my bluff.  I received so much more than I thought was possible! I started to change the way that I behaved at work and at home.  Two years later I was recruited to be a Vice President at Vanderbilt Hospital. Who says you can’t have what you want?? Not me and not Linda!

Lisa Barnett

Thank you for supporting me with your amazing coaching program. I have made so many leaps it’s hard to name them all. Thank you for holding a clear vision of my business growth and me. You were always there with logical and strategic support plus loving, heartfelt emotional support. You picked me up when I was frustrated. You guided me when I wasn’t sure where to make my next step. In a short time, my business has grown 3 fold with your help. Your help in celebrating my success has been paramount in owning my abilities and taking steps quickly and with ease. Thank you again for being the amazing YOU that you are. AkashicKnowing.com

Contact Me

"Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction can end up being the biggest step of your life."


Please don't hesitate to contact me. I am happy to answer any questions big or small. After all, we are in this together