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Business Women Warrior 90 Day Challenges

It's time for more clients?

90 Day Challenge Schedule posted HERE.


You will accomplish 1 big thing of your choosing, in 90 days. You will go through the step-by-step process of embracing your Inner Warrior’s power, learn to use effective success tools and build your skill levels to realize hidden potential to add more clients and sales to your business.


The challenge is a mastermind format where you can ask questions and share your trials and tribulations with an exclusive group of fellow business women warriors. You will accomplish so much more than 1 Big Goal!

You will literally change the way you think, process information, and accomplish in your life.


Our work together will include a combination of: 

  • 5 - 90 Min Group Coaching Calls 

  • 3 - Training Modules

  • Business Women Warriors Workbook 

  • 35% Discount on 1:1 Coaching

  • 4 Mindset Tools BONUSES

Contact Me for a free consultation to see if this Challenge is right for you!


"The 3 most significant improvements in my business After being a part of BWW are I now have a client list and specific business goals and plans. I know what my obstacles are and how to overcome them. Thank to you and Business Women Warriors for your support and Linda Berger for developing a short and intensive challenge."


"I highly recommend the Business Women Warriors program! There is a synergy in being in a group of women that are facing similar obstacles and seeing their progress as a result of this program. Linda is an excellent communicator and able to provide the personal support that one needs when making major changes."


"The 3 most significant improvements in my business was in developing: 1. Clear mission and vision statement; 2. Clear objectives; and 3. More clients and better financial results. Which is more clarity I've had during the 10 years of building my law practice."


"Before working with Linda my legal practice was a source of income for our family and really had no heart in it. It was something that I was doing, and was in a state of transition, but I didn't realize the full potential of what it could be."

"While working with Linda I began to realize how my business was an extension of myself and of my life purpose. I realized the full impact it could have and now view my practice as mission-oriented. It is much more fulfilling and has made working fun and exciting!"


"I signed up for the BWW Program to tackle blocks that I had in introducing a new product line in my business. Through the program I was able to identify many of these blocks and progress toward implementing the new product line in my portraiture business."

"Before working with Linda, I was having difficulty laying the foundation for my new product line. I had concerns about attracting the right client who would value the product and be willing to invest in it. Through working with Linda I was able to determine that I needed to tweak the product toward a slightly different client that would be a better fit for me and my brand."


"I was also able to gain significant clarity about product positioning, my ideal client and marketing material design."