Learn 3 Keys to Owning Your Seat at the Table





Join Linda Berger for her signature-ground-breaking-talk as she so beautifully articulates how and when women leave their seats of power in choices and distractions.


She promises it to be an Evening of Self-Empowerment and Self-Discovery as you learn about:


3 Essential Keys to ‘Owning Your Seat at the Table’.

You won't ever give up your power again.

Examples of common areas women leave their seat at the table:

  • How do you own your seat at the table to leave a marriage?

  • How do you own your seat at the table to ask for help or call a therapist?

  • How do you own your seat at the table to hire a mentor?

  • How do you own your seat at the table to say NO to abuse?

  • How do you own your seat at the table to love yourself enough to give up what you’ve always done?


WHEN: Wednesday July 17, 2019


WHERE: Downtown SF (Easy access from BART)


TIME: 6-8 p.m.


For Questions: Contact: Renee Schaible (415-350-3215)


             FEE: $20                                             Space is limited.











Hi I'm Linda Berger: Do you own your seat at the table?  How do you own your seat at all the tables in your life when... life continues pulling you out of your seat?


What does that question even mean?


These questions took me on quite the journey.  During tumultuous times and moments of risk, I thought it was “just something I always did”…where I would jump from having clarity over my plan to being completely overwhelmed and distracted.  As I reflected on the powerful choices I made, I realized I owned MY seat at the table. 


After 18  years of marriage, I asked for the divorce when others thought I had the ideal marriage.  At age 54, I chose to get a bachelors degree.  I chose to live life and work on MY TERMS embracing MY LEGACY. 


I learned HOW to make the journey to Owning MY seat at the table in all areas of my life and that choice continues to drive me to encourage others to do the same.

Why do I advocate for Owning Your Seat at the Table?  And why am I building a tribe of Business Women Warriors?


I’m building a tribe of Business Women Warriors because I cracked the code to the inner critic’s voice and I want to share it with every woman I meet!  And I’m hoping you will pass it on.

When we own our seat at the table we say YES to our inner warrior and life…and NO to our inner critic and complacency. 

Owning Your Seat at the Table is both a metaphor and a reality for your choices.  You take many different seats throughout your day and your life.  Like Goldilocks:  Some seats are too hard, some too soft..but YOUR seat…Your seat is just right!

The seat I talk about today is your seat, and no one other than YOU will fit in that seat.  Let’s take a journey to Owning Your Seat at the Table in all areas of your life:  Self, business, family, friends, community, education, health, life, spirituality, etc. 

Who am I and why should you care?

I'm a Chicago Based expert Business Strategist to Women Business Owners and an International Akashic Records Teacher and Consultant, who has cracked the code to what and whom is keeping women from playing bigger in their lives and careers.


I am fluent in the language of business and spiritual growth. I go as deep as my clients need me to when discovering latent potential. I built and continue to build proprietary strategic programs that ensure women -start to and continue to -owning all of their seats in every area of their lives.


When I use the term ‘Owning’ it is both meant to be a  metaphor and is also a reality for women when making daily choices, both personal and business.


Check me out @ www.coachlindaberger.com www.businesswomenwarriors.com